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NAGIX is Consist's advanced accessible digital document engine:

Efficiently and automatically transforms large volumes of documents into fully UA-compliant PDFs

Accessible documents- at a click of a button

Consist Systems and Technologies has developed NAGIX – an accessible document system solutions which can transform large number of documents into fully accessible PDFs, automatically and efficiently, without incurring astronomical costs.

NAGIX utilizes a revolutionary and robust automatic accessibility technology, which enables a visually-impaired customer to produce for himself or herself, an accessible version of any document, instantly.

The automated accessibility technology

In order to transform millions of documents into accessible PDFs, as laws require, all the organization’s forms and documents – invoices, customer documents, public protocols, financial statements and others, are divided into ‘families’. After this initial stage is completed, the NAGIX implementor assigns relevant tags to each and every family.

Such tags can include: paragraphs, photo, logos, dates, tables, graphs and others.

The principle of inclusion accessibility in Consist's NAGIX technology

The principle of inclusion in accessibility determines that a person with a disability must be provided with equal access and opportunities as everyone else, without having to ask for help from another person. For example, a restaurant that has installed a ramp or an elevator to allow wheelchair users to reach the restaurant on their own applies the principle of inclusion. In contrast, a restaurant that places an employee whose job it is to carry a wheelchair up the stairs does not implement it.

This principle also applies to documents: real accessibility must allow a person with a visual impairment to immediately listen to the content of any document he or she needs, without having to ask the organization or business to send him or her an accessible document or assist him or her in making the document accessible. NAGIX document accessibility technology implements the principle of inclusion in every accessible document!

NAGIX's unique features and benefits'

  • It provides a solution for all organizations’ forms and documents.
  • It functions in the configuration of master templates.
  • It enables to produceĀ  accessible templates for all types of forms that the organization has
  • It’s the fastest and most robust technology on the market- enabling to turn huge volumes of documents into accessible ones.
  • It supports all documents’ objects, such as: free text, various fonts, headings and subheadings, tables – including headings and summary lines, nesting tables, division into paragraphs, images, and more.

The Solution's architecuture

  • Two design components for the user’s convenience:
    Web Designer and Desktop Designer
  • The most powerful and advanced accessibility engine of its kind.
  • Productive work in the configuration of online
    service exposure by Rest API.
  • Accessibility according to customer’s requirements.
  • Maximum cost savings in transmitting information on the network and archiving.
  • Easy integration into the corporate ESB.
  • Secure communication
  • A detailed set of logs

Some the leading organization which chose NAGIX to transform their documents to UA-compliant accessible ones

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